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Montag, 19. Januar 2015

First CrossFit PreSchool Class @ CrossFit Icke...

Watch the little video on instagram:  First Preschool-Class

I was really nervous about the first class.
Are the kids motivated?
Do they like the games and the WOD?
Is it age appropriated (too easy? - too hard)?
Will they understand our directions?

We had three little ones  (3-4 year old preschoolers) and one six year old girl (kindergarten, last year). We were two coaches which is necessary to focus on teaching, entertaining, modelling and helping.

The kids were really cute and we enjoyed the class. We introduced the squat with very easy cues, did some games and a little wod at the end. It was a very short lesson but on purpose: We wanted the kids to be motivated during the whole class and having lots of fun, so that they want to come back. It was also the first class and the introduction to it.

Here is the WOD:

Warm Up
Music Freeze Game
The kids ran around a circle. One of the coaches ran with them.
We had a little area All did the wod together at the same time. The coaches modelled. It was kind of a very small and easy obstacle course. We did one very slow round and three faster rounds.
3 squat
3 box jumps on plates
balance back on a (jump) rope
It was a really easy little on. We sat in a circle. One kid got a ball and had to run around the circle and go back to his/her spot. The the kid gave the ball to another person.

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