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Freitag, 6. Februar 2015

Preschool WOD II January 2015

Today we were only three kids, the youngest was sadly sick. 

The 2nd preschool class focused again on the squat. Repetition is very important at this age. So the focus during the first weeks will be the squat. Every class we want to focus on one aspect of the squat. This time it was the stance. I drew big smiles on the ground, using chalk (what else ;) ). The kids had to stand on the eyes of the smileys which was the squat stance. We worked a couple of minutes on the squat, chest up, look at your hands, stay on the eyes. Afterwards we did the warm up which was also a freeze game but this time the kids had to jump on a plate when the music was over (Island hopping). They ran between the circles, we changed the movements: bear crawl, jumping, backwards running...)

The wod was similar but this time they could do the obstacle course on their own, at the end of the course there were some small softballs (not too small, tennisball size), Everytime they finished a round they could take one ball and bring it back to their start point. So they and we kept track on their work. This worked out really well and I wan to include things like that more often, also during the older kids classes....

Squat (smiles on the ground for the stance)
Warm Up
Freezing Game "Island Hopping"
There was a marked square and inside the plates to jump on when the music stops (doing one perfect squat before moving on), using different exercises (running forward/backward, bear crawl, crab walk, jumping...)
Obstacle Course
3 smileys, jumping from smiley to smiley
balance on the rope
tunnel (mat and two boxes)
taking a softball and running back to the start
schnell zurück rennen
Circle Running Game, catching each others spot

Here would be little markers (carpets) helpful, so the you actually can see the spots on the ground where the kids sit.


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