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Montag, 14. September 2015

Icke Kids is growing...

I started a new Class on Monday. It is a Pre-Teen Class, there are kids between 11 and 15. Most of them are also playing Rugby and use CrossFit to get stronger, work on skills, endurance, power and speed. I really like teaching them and it is great to see their progress. We do a lot of gymnastic work like pull up progression, working on the handstand and of course, using our own body. I do the programming on my own, sometimes using the CrosssFit Kids post on instagram to gather some ideas and I also bought new books to get deeper into weightlifting and fitness training for kids. It is really interesting and I learn so many things as well.

In two weeks I ll start teaching to gymnastic classes at an English School in Berlin. It is also from our CF Box and I will include CrossFit movements but more from the gymnastic and bodyweight area. I was thinking about trying to bring the CF Kids program as an official program to schools, still reflecting and planning on this idea... :)

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