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Freitag, 5. Dezember 2014

Kids Class November 2014

Warm Up
Animal Warm Up (10)
  • inch worm
  • bear crawl, zurück joggen
  • crab walk
  • monkey
  • kangaroo
  • crocodile

Skill Training in 2 teams (15)
  1. Air Squat (fix: Knees out)
            Front Squat
            Front Rack Position (Laser Pointers);  Weight on   
  1. Box Jumps on car tire 3x2 team oder 1x4
           jump and land with both feet, open your hips
           Tabata Box Jumps (Partner if more than 4                
           students in the group (20 sec work per partner, 4

Partner WOD 1 works at the time amrap 5
5 squats
bear walk bis plate
5 plate jumps
crab walk zurück

(workout was a bit too easy and too short for the boys)

Animal Hunt (5-10)
2 animal hunters
if tagged,  lie on the ground till somebody touches you, 3 burpees, go back into the game

(nice idea but did not work well with the boys, they cheated on form and movement, too focused on winning)

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